4Phases Book Review — Horoscope Symbols by Rob Hand

Ken Saunders
3 min readFeb 26, 2023
4Phases Book Review – Horoscope Symbols by Rob Hand

Horoscope Symbols by Rob Hand is an essential book for anyone looking to understand the complexities of the symbols that make up horoscopes. The book offers an in-depth study into the many symbols that make up a horoscope as well as their uses in interpreting a person’s character, behavior, and reactions. Hand meticulously explores each symbol in an effort to provide a more robust understanding of what they represent and how they can be used to create a fuller interpretation of star charts and other charts used by astrologers.

Hand’s Horoscope Symbols first introduces its reader to the concept and meaning of symbols. He offers a basic explanation of the mechanics of how symbols were formed during the creation of horoscopes and how they were used to create meaningful interpretations. Hand’s discussion of symbolism includes the use of archetypes, which can be used to create allegories and nuances in any form of divination. He then dives into each symbol intimately, showing in detail their general meaning, their relation to the planetary forces, and what they represent from a psychological and spiritual perspective. Hand does an amazing job of weaving the various symbols into an essential understanding of how the symbols interact with each other in telling an intricate story about a person.

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In the following chapters, Hand delves further into the history and origins of each symbol and how it has changed from its original form over time. He also examines how modern-day astrologers interpret them and use them to create a more detailed picture of a person’s personality and what may manifest in their life. Symbols and their meanings are explored in relationship to the sign of the zodiac they are associated with, as well as in relation to aspects between planets and how they may affect the individual person. One of the things I found really interesting is how Hand examines All of the symbols that make up horoscope; the planets, signs, houses and angular relationships more commonly aspects.

By the end of the book, the reader can come away with a comprehensive knowledge of what each symbol means and how they work together to create a more detailed interpretation of their own horoscope. Hand offers guidance on how to interpret and use symbols in a way that can be beneficial to the individual in understanding their own self and figuring out how to use that knowledge to their benefit.

Overall, Horoscope Symbols by Rob Hand is an effective, comprehensive guide to the use of symbols in astrology. Through Hand’s explanations and examination of each symbol, readers can come away with an understanding of how symbolism and astrology fit together to create a more meaningful reading of their own horoscope. Hand provides valuable information and tools on how to use symbols to better understand and interpret the nuances of a personal chart and how those symbols may affect the individual. For anyone interested in learning the basics of symbols and their use in astrology, this is a must-read book.



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