Book Review — Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tomkins

Ken Saunders
3 min readFeb 15, 2023


Book Review - Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tomkins

Sue Tompkins’ “Aspects in Astrology” is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn more about aspects in astrology. It provides a comprehensive overview of major and minor aspects, as well as other pertinent information about planets, houses, and signs. In her book, Tompkins offers readers an in-depth exploration of the principles of astrology and how these principles can be used to gain insight into the lives of individuals.

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Tompkins begins her book by providing a detailed introduction to the study of astrology and the language of the zodiac. She provides readers with a clear understanding of how the planetary positions and their relationships with one another can provide insight and information about a person’s life. From there, she moves on to discuss the importance of aspects in an astrology reading. With sections devoted to aspects, Tompkins provides readers with an understanding of how each aspect works, its positive and negative effects, and the potential implications those aspects have for any given reading.

Tompkins then delves into the more advanced topics of transits and progressions, which are vital tools used to identify patterns and trends in an individual’s life. With an in-depth look at both types of astrological transit, she provides readers with the knowledge needed to accurately interpret these aspects and their potential implications. She also offers readers ways to use the information gained through transits and progressions to gain a better understanding of how their lives could evolve and how they could create new opportunities.

The author then moves on to the topics of houses and signs, which are essential to the interpretation of any astrological reading. She provides comprehensive overviews of both houses and signs and explains how they can provide insight into different issues a person is dealing with in their life.

Finally, Tompkins concludes her book by providing an overview of how astrology is used on a daily basis, both professionally and privately. She also includes an array of case studies that provide readers with real-life examples of how astrology can benefit people.

Overall, “Aspects in Astrology” is an incredibly comprehensive book for anyone interested in learning more about this ancient practice. Tompkins provides readers with an in-depth look at all the major and minor aspects and gives them the critical information needed to interpret a reading accurately. It’s an excellent book for both seasoned astrologers and newcomers to the field alike.

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