Jupiter went direct what's in it for your sign?

Ken Saunders
8 min readSep 15, 2020

Jupiter has been retrograde until today, September 14th. Whenever Astrologers say a planet is retrograde, it means that it’s a time to examine what is symbolized by that planet’s energy in the area (or as astrologers say, house) that that particular planet is located in either your birth chart or the 0 Aries wheel. A retrograde planet is saying slow down in this area of your life, take a look in the mirror and see those things you may want to change. This article will examine the areas likely to be affected by Jupiter going direct based on either your sun sign or your ascendant sign (if you know it). If you don’t know, you can calculate it over on my website http://ken-saunders.com or if you’d prefer to shoot me an email with your date of birth/time of birth/place of birth.

First, we’ll examine each sign and what Jupiter direct means, as well as the area of your life likely to experience an expansion of energy, a blossoming, or growth spurt.


With Jupiter now moving through your career house the remainder of this year, the spotlight will be on your job. You can expect a spotlight to shine of the work (good or bad) you’ve done in the past year. Promotions, change of job, and even venturing into an entirely new career are expected.


Jupiter is moving through the house that governs philosophy, travel, higher education, and learning. Your growth path the rest of this year revolves around finding where you fit in the grander scheme of things, answering big “God” type questions. You may find yourself getting bit by the travel bug in pursuit of answering long-standing questions or simply to get away, once its safe to travel, of course. Returning to school, even taking up a new language, are all possibilities for you the rest of this year.


Jupiter is traveling through your 8th house, which has rulership over other people’s money, including inheritances and investments. The eighth house is also the house of sex and death (transformation). You’re going to feel a tremendous desire for growth and expansion, partnering up with other people (and their resources) dealing with issues around loans, taxes are also indicated. One of the other attributes associated with this…



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