Regain Momentum 5 Tips to Overcome Feeling Stuck

Ken Saunders
4 min readMay 31, 2023

Momentum is the force that keeps us moving forward in life. It’s the feeling of being unstoppable, of having a clear vision and a strong motivation to achieve our goals. Momentum is what makes us productive, creative, and confident.

But what happens when we lose momentum? When we feel stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed by the challenges we face? When we lose sight of our purpose and our passion? How can we get back on track and regain our momentum?

Here are some tips on how to regain your momentum when you feel stuck:

1. Identify the cause of your loss of momentum.

Sometimes, we lose momentum because of external factors, such as changes in our environment, unexpected events, or setbacks. Other times, we lose momentum because of internal factors, such as self-doubt, fear, boredom, or burnout.

The first step to regaining your momentum is to understand what caused it to disappear in the first place. This will help you address the root of the problem and find a solution that works for you.

2. Reconnect with your Why.

One of the main reasons we lose momentum is we forget why we started something in the first place. We lose sight of our vision, our mission, and our values. We lose touch with our passion, our purpose, and our meaning. To regain your momentum, you need to reconnect with your why. You need to remind yourself of what drives you, inspires you and makes you happy. You need to rekindle your enthusiasm and your excitement for what you do.

One thing to examine is, does your WHY still drive you? Has it changed? If it has, then it’s time really get in touch with your new WHY. Your WHY should both excite you and slightly scare you at the same time.



Ken Saunders

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