Two tools to get expand your niche(s) and get your writing in front of more eyes automatically

Ken Saunders
6 min readOct 16, 2019

One of the first things that you are often told as a new Freelancer is that you need to pick just one niche and stick with it. I’mI’m here to tell you that you don’t have to color inside only one lane all of the time. You can have a writing freeway if you like, and the two ideas I’mI’m going to share below will help you do that.

This all came about because I felt constrained by the idea that you can only have one niche. Is anybody’s life, their interests that monotone in nature? I don’t think so. As Writers, Artists, and Poets, we often have a lot to say about a lot of topics. Using my life as an example. I love and have been passionate about sharing my knowledge on The Law of Attraction and other Spiritual practices. I also am actively living a Keto lifestyle and love sharing not just recipes but the real nuts and bolts of HOW to live a Keto lifestyle, and by the way, no, it REALLY isn’t challenging to live this way. Astrology is yet another subject whos wheelhouse I have some experience in, having studied the subject for over four decades now. I’mI’m pretty sure your life is the same, you have multiple areas of expertise that you can share your knowledge and experience with the broader world, so why limit yourself to just one niche.

What won’t work is if you spread yourself too thin, trying to manage multiple social media accounts for each of the different areas you are writing about. I know because that’s what I initially did. I had been juggling, not too successfully, I might add, three different Wordpress blogs, each of which had its own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This was insanity and all in the name of keeping things clean and organized (it’s a Capricorn thing). What ended up happening was trying to manage all of these sites became more of a distraction and so there was less good writing getting done, which was the whole point of creating the websites in the first place. I had wanted a home for each of the niches I was writing about.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have multiple niches and they Dodon’tdon’t have to be related but don’t go crazy in the words of Bon Qui Qui. Three is a good number of topics or niches to work with. They will keep you focussed yet create enough subject…

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