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Ken Saunders

Welcome to the middle of April. Astrologically we start off this week with the New Moon in fiery Aries. Venus and Pluto add to the heat on Sunday. Traditionally, Venus square Pluto indicates relationship breakups, you may judge others more harshly than normal. This aspect also can indicate a financial loss. This Sunday is a good day to think twice before speaking, just ride out whatever heightened emotions you are having.

This Monday the Moon goes void of course briefly before entering stable and security-minded Taurus where she will sit until Wednesday. There is a brief astrological dance between the…

Happy Easter to everybody. Here is this week’s AstroWeather forecast for April 4 — April 10, 2021. We are starting this week with Moon and Capricorn, so pay attention to the foundations of life. It’s a great time to repair, restructure, and attend to any financial matters, don’t overdo it.

We also start with a third-quarter moon. Third-quarter moons are an excellent time to wind projects down reassess. It is essential to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s on the plans you started back during The new moon.

Several exciting planetary aspects are happening this week. The…

This is one of those articles that has me slapping my hand to head going, of course this is the way it SHOULD be done. Thanks for a brilliant article. I loved it and found it incredibly useful.

4 Phases Astrology

Spring is definitely in the air. At my house here in Southern California, the birds are returning. My fruit trees are starting to blossom and the leaves are returning to the trees. There is a harmonious buzz in the air these days.

We start this week with Moon in balancing Libra heading into the Full Moon this Sunday. The Full Moon phase is coming to fruition. What you started with the last New Moon should now be manifest. It is an excellent time to start winding down any projects started during that last New Moon. Look for loose ends to…

We’re halfway through March already. How are things going for you? Did you take time during the New moon last week to plan out new goals for yourself? This week is an ideal time to work with the energy of the moon and start acting on those goals. We start the week with Moon traveling through “Let’s Do It” Aries. The moon entered Aries at the end of last week, On the 13th at 3:43 Pacific time.

Communicative Mercury enters Imaginative Pisces on Monday, fueling ideas about what could be. There is a minor hard aspect between Venus and Uranus…


There are great astrology readings and there are less than good astrology readings. It is my intention to help you get the most out of your time with your Astrologer. I’ve put together a few pointers that should help you get the most out of your session with your astrologer.

Bring accurate information

I highly recommend verifying the birth chart(s) information that you are providing your astrologer. The chart is only as accurate as the information given.

Jupiter has been retrograde until today, September 14th. Whenever Astrologers say a planet is retrograde, it means that it’s a time to examine what is symbolized by that planet’s energy in the area (or as astrologers say, house) that that particular planet is located in either your birth chart or the 0 Aries wheel. A retrograde planet is saying slow down in this area of your life, take a look in the mirror and see those things you may want to change. This article will examine the areas likely to be affected by Jupiter going direct based on either your…

Authentic Writing is Good Writing

So as I sit here. It’s Saturday, January 4th, 2020. about 7:30 in the evening. Lonnie is home cooking something delicious for dinner, Mr. Fancypants and I just finished a vigorous play/catch chase session. I’ve given myself some time to think about how I wanted to share what’s going on for me as a writer, as a husband, as someone that just entered the latter half of his 50’s, my birthday was on the 1st (for those that didn’t know). I’ve learned so much since I gave the finger to the 9–5 office politics and struck out on my own…

One of the first things that you are often told as a new Freelancer is that you need to pick just one niche and stick with it. I’mI’m here to tell you that you don’t have to color inside only one lane all of the time. You can have a writing freeway if you like, and the two ideas I’mI’m going to share below will help you do that.

This all came about because I felt constrained by the idea that you can only have one niche. Is anybody’s life, their interests that monotone in nature? I don’t think so…

Ken Saunders

Born in New York, schooled in the Berkshires, Became an adult in L.A., found my Soul in Seattle. Been writing & drinking copious amounts of coffee since 2012.

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